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Premium Dog Water Bottle
Premium Dog Water Bottle
Premium Dog Water Bottle
Premium Dog Water Bottle
Premium Dog Water Bottle

Premium Dog Water Bottle

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Our premium quality water bottle for dogs is all you need to keep your pet safe, hydrated and in good health.

  • Available in two sizes to cater for different sized pets or duration of walks.
  • Three vibrant colors to choose from
  • Strong and Safe - food grade materials
  • Designed to prevent any leaks
  • Easy to carry or stow away in your backpack
  • High Quality Design and Materials ensure durability

This is what the Kennel Club say about how to Prevent Dehydration in Dogs:

The best way to protect your dog from dehydration is to make sure they don't get in that condition in the first place: provide them with a constant supply of clean, clear water at all times, including when you take him outside. Some dogs drink more than others; so you may need to take extra care to make sure that picky drinkers get enough water. Some dog owners try flavouring water with bone broth or giving their dogs ice cubes to chew on.


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Dehydration in dogs occurs when the body loses more fluid than it’s taking in.  Water is necessary to virtually every important body function, including lubricating joints, cushioning internal organs, aiding digestion, and regulating body temperature.

It is normal for a dog’s body to gain and lose water throughout the day. Panting, breathing, urinating, defecating, and evaporation through the paws which your dog compensates for by drinking.

In the most serious cases of canine dehydration, the severe shortage of fluids can even lead to kidney and other organ failure and to death.

Causes of Dehydration in Dogs

Lack of water intake can cause dehydration, which can occur if a dog doesn’t have proper access to water or won’t drink enough. Whether you’re at home or gone for part of the day, be sure to leave enough water so your dog will not run out.

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